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Leather Furniture Repair

Worn Out Leather Chair

The headrest on this leather chair has been stained by hair spray and cosmetic products. The arms and seat pads have been permanently marked with dye transfer from clothing.

These are problems that NSF Upholstery can repair very easily. By using a professional leather cleaning solution and a liquid leather spray we can restore the chair back to its original condition and avoid expensive and costly furniture replacement. The leather repair process involves cleaning the affected area with a leather cleaning solution and then spraying liquid leather over the whole furniture to ensure colour match add a vintage leather sheen and quality finish.

If the leather is ripped or torn leather filler can be used to repair the damaged area. This insures the grain and density is restored to the leather. If the leather is damaged beyond simple repair then whole panels can be replaced.

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furniture restoration mancherster furniture renovation leather upholsterers leather furniture repairs

After Restoration

As you can see in the image, we have repaired the damage to the back cushion by refilling the back with soft fibre and cleaning the effected and damaged area with leather cleaner. Liquid leather can then be applied to the damaged area. This same procedure has been applied to both arms. As you can see, the discolouring has now gone and the chair is now back to its original state.

The Seat had to be repaired by using leather filler to fill the creases in, caused by wear and tear. Liquid leather must then be applied to the seat pad.

The end product is what you see in the photograph. *For some repairs, leather filler is not ideal because panels have to be changed and re sprayed back to their original colour.

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furniture restoration mancherster furniture renovation leather upholsterers leather furniture repairs
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